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Welcome to Meilleur du Chef! You will find cooking and pastry utensils for the most delicious culinary creations. Meilleur du Chef focuses on meeting the constantly evolving needs of cooking enthusiasts. We are committed to sharing our expertise and that of the French brands we offer to food lovers and professionals from the food industry. We curated for you a selection of kitchenware, pastry utensils and essential ingredients.

Explore our shop and make the most delicious recipes. With a piping bag, fill choux puffs and create gorgeous decorations on tarts. Bring extra texture and colour to any dish by slicing, grating and cutting vegetables using a Japanese mandoline. Get inspired with our large choice of chocolate couverture and indulge with delicious chocolate desserts.

We offer wide ranges of products. In pastry, you will find various items such as cake moulds, yule log moulds, muffin moulds, loaf cake moulds, etc. Explore a large choice of kitchen knives, ceramic knives, knife sharpeners and knives praised by chefs for their excellent cutting properties. Get professional quality cookware and renew your pots and pans: saucepan, frying pan, stew pot, etc...

We are committed to selecting products manufactured in France. Cooking utensil, pastry equipment or ingredients... we are always looking for the best product to make your life in the kitchen easier and to allow you to improve your skills. Whether you're after traditional utensils such as a chopping board, sieve or spatula or more specific items such as a cooking thermometer, round cake pan or acetate, you're in the right place. Find the best kitchenware and pastry utensils in just a few clicks on Meilleur du Chef.

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Glucose Syrup
Glucose Syrup - 1kg
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€ 5.50€ 6.20  
Raspberry Puree
Raspberry Puree - 1kg
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€ 13.40€ 14.90  

by Chef Philippe