Catering Catering

Catering refers to many activities ranging from commercial restaurants to takeaway shops, organisation of buffet parties and receptions.
Caterers need to adapt to cook anywhere while maintaining professional standards, and knows that. We selected a range of tools and equipment to make it all easier!

Thanks to a long-lasting collaboration with Matfer, offers a wide array of professional-quality catering utensils and equipment.

Whether you need to prepare or transport your food, or to keep dishes warm at all times, you need to work in the best possible conditions. Find the appropriate tools to make your job easier and preserve the flavour of your creations and keep your customers happy!

EQUIPMENT: Catering professionals need the right equipment for food preparation, storage and display. Browse our selection on, you will no doubt find what you're looking for.

PACKAGING: When offering takeaway food or organizing a buffet for an event, the way food is packaged and displayed is essential. Find the largest selection of containers, boxes, bags, platters and stands on

COMMERCIAL APPLIANCES: selected a range of professional-quality electricals for the preparation of crêpes and waffles, for perfectly cooking meat or for dispensing your own drinks. Find the right appliance that will best fit your needs.

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