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When you visit our Meilleur du Chef site, cookies are placed on your computer, mobile or tablet.

Our site is designed to be particularly attentive to the needs and expectations of our customers. This is, among other things, why we use cookies in order, for example, to identify you and access your account, manage your shopping cart, store your consultations and personalize the services we offer you.

This page allows you to better understand the function of cookies, and to obtain your consent to their use.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer when visiting a site or viewing an advertisement. Their main purpose is to collect information relating to your browsing on the sites and to provide you with personalized services. On your device, cookies are managed by your internet browser.

The different types of cookies

Different types of cookies are used on our site, they are set by different suppliers (Meilleur du Chef, or third party suppliers), and have different purposes. We are permitted by law to store cookies on your device only if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this site. For all other types of cookies, we need your consent.

Strictly necessary cookies:

These are cookies that are essential for our site to function properly, without which you would not be able to use the site normally.
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Cookies "eu-consent", "ckdel":

Supplier: Meilleur du Chef
Expiration: up to 6 months
Function: allows you to memorize your choices of consent to cookies and to force compliance with the acceptance or rejection of these functional, statistical and marketing cookies detailed below

Cookies "Session __ *", "SessionMDC":

Supplier: Meilleur du Chef
Expiration: session
Function: allows access to all the basic functionalities of our site, in particular:

  • remember where you are with your order, from adding products to the basket, choosing the carrier, choosing the means of payment, until finalizing your order,
  • create an account, connect to it securely using the identifiers you have chosen, and access services linked to this account, such as messaging to contact us, tracking your orders, downloading your invoices , the list of your favorite products, your recipe book ...
  • implement security measures, for example when you are asked to sign in again to a content or service after a certain period of time.

Functional cookies:

These are cookies providing additional but optional features for the use of our site.
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Cookies "SessionID", "SessionCRC":

Supplier: Meilleur du Chef
Expiration: 13 months
Function: allows a persistent connection thanks to the option "Remember me" when you connect to your account, thus avoiding you having to reconnect to each visit.

Statistical cookies:

Statistical cookies allow us to know the use of our site and analyze its performance.
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Cookies "_ga", "_ga_*", "_gat", "_gat_ *", "_gid", "__utm*", "_dc_gtm_*":

Provider: Google Analytics
Function: allows the anonymous collection of all the statistical data of the website: data relating to traffic, campaigns, but also user behavior, such as the number of visitors, the number number of sessions, the type of browser and device, their route on the site, etc.

Marketing cookies:

Marketing cookies allow us to present you with advertisements or information tailored to your interests on our site or outside our site when you browse the internet.
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Cookie "_fbp", "_fbc":

Supplier: Facebook
Function: is used to offer visitors to our website targeted advertising of our products on platforms linked to Facebook.

Cookies "_gac_ *", "_gcl_ *", "__gads", "gadsTest", "_sm_au":

Provider: Google Ads
Function: stores campaign information, allowing Google Ads to more accurately measure user interactions with the site.

Cookies "_pinterest_ *", "_pin_unauth", "_epik", "_derived_epik":

Supplier: Pinterest
Function: is used to provide visitors to our website with targeted advertising of our products on platforms linked to Pinterest.

Refuse Accept

If you refuse the registration of cookies in your browser, cookies issued by third parties will no longer be deposited, or will be deleted from your browser. Only strictly necessary cookies issued by Meilleur du Chef will be recorded in order to ensure the minimal functioning of our site. If you block or delete the cookies necessary by other techniques, such as configuring your browser or installing third-party extensions (plug-ins) for your browser, you may no longer be able to access certain features of the Meilleur du Chef site..

Your current consent

Status of your consent:
Required cookies: REQUIRED (activated)
Functional cookies: UNKNOWN (disabled)
Statistical cookies: UNKNOWN (disabled)
Marketing cookies: UNKNOWN (disabled)