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Bread has long been practically synonymous with France, and at we are proud of this heritage and tradition.
Bread making requires know-how and techniques, which you can find here with Chef Philippe's recipes, and the appropriate equipment and tools for professional results available on our website!

Utensils: Turn your home-made bread into an exceptional loaf with our selection of bread making supplies: dough cutter, proving basket, scoring blade, baguette baking tray, serrated knife...

Commercial bakery equipment: Outfit your professional laboratory and shop with dough ball containers, bannetons, flour brushes, linen couche cloth and display price tags.

Electricals: Whether you're a professional or home baker, you'll find useful appliances that will make your bread making efforts easier: kneading trough, proving chamber, commercial bread slicer, etc.

Bakery cookbooks: This selection of cookbooks are a great source of inspiration if you would like to start making your own bread at home and they're full of techniques and step-by-step recipes for foolproof results.

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