Chocolate Chocolate

Chocolate, glorious chocolate!
Chocolate dates back to ancient times and has been given as a gift for many centuries to celebrate special occasions.
If you're baking or making your own chocolates, you should always use the finest quality, preferably chocolate couverture.

If you're a chocolate lover like us, this section will have your eyes filled with wonder!
Whether it's just a square of chocolate, a nice cup of hot chocolate, a generous slice of chocolate cake or a divinely soft chocolate mousse, there are a million ways to enjoy chocolate.

Based on our knowledge of professionals' needs and requirements, we want to share our expertise and help you select the most appropriate tools and ingredients for your chocolate making adventures.

Utensils: Everything you need to scrape, fill, spread or decorate your handcrafted chocolatess! Transfer sheets allow you to print gorgeous patterns on your chocolates, and acetate sheets are absolutely essential to ensure a professional, glossy finish. Follow Chef Philippe's step-by-step recipes for foolproof results.

Chocolate moulds: offers the largest selection of chocolate moulds to create chocolates in any shape you want, for many occasions: Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, etc.

Equipment: Chocolate tempering can be a tricky process, so we've put together a collection of professional tools and equipment to make things easier. Use a bain-marie to melt chocolate while making sure it doesn't burn, prefer a professional guitar cutter to create chocolates and pralines that are square and regular. Use a spray gun or airbrush to give a perfect velvet coating to your desserts.

Electricals: On, you will find an applicance for every step in chocolate making: use a chocolate tempering machine to melt your chocolate and keep it warm, add a bit of indulgent fun to your buffet reception and dip fresh fruits and marshmallows in a chocolate fountain!

Ingredients: selected Cacao Barry to offer the finest chocolate couverture, the only type of chocolate recommended for tempering and moulding. Browse our wide range of ingredients to create the perfect chocolate mousse or ganache!

Chocolate cookbooks: Vous voulez en savoir plus sur le chocolat, découvrir des recettes et apprendre des techniques, nous avons sélectionné des livres pour les particuliers comme les professionnels.