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At, we offer a wide selection of high-quality pastry utensils to help you with your baking needs. Our baking supplies include everything from pastry brushes and rolling pins to cookie cutters and cake testers. As a leading baking supply store, we understand the importance of having the right baking tools for every recipe. That's why we only offer the best products from top brands in the industry. Whether you're a professional pastry chef or a baking enthusiast, we have the tools you need to achieve the perfect bake every time. Browse our selection of baking supplies today and start creating delicious treats in your kitchen.

Pastry creations are on par with works of art these days, but baking often involves more science and precision than creativity. Even though 'pâtisserie' is believed to be the realm of master pastry chefs, you can definitely enjoy this activity at home with our step-by-step recipes and the right baking supplies, of course! - Your one-stop baking supply store for high-quality baking supplies and tools. Shop now for all your baking needs!

Baking accessories: No guesswork when it comes to pastry! You will need mixing bowls and whisks to mix your preparations, measuring spoons and scales to measure your ingredients, rolling pins to roll out your shortcrust pastry, but also brushes, scrapers, etc. Most of these operations can be done without any specific equipment, but we can guarantee that using the appropriate baking tools and utensils and adequate materials will save you precious time while achieving professional results.

Rings and frames: Tart, entremets, Opera cake and all kinds of layered mousse desserts... there is a pastry ring or frame for every version, in many shapes and sizes. All made of professional-quality durable stainless steel.

Cake moulds: It's not just about diameter or length when it comes to choosing the right cake pan, capacity is also important. A preparation that is supposed to cook in a thin layer will not turn out perfect in a small, deep mould. Chef Philippe's recipes always mention the dimensions of the mould used and we offer the biggest selection with many shapes, materials and dimensions.

Decorations: To turn a beautiful cake into an eye-catching work of art, you sometimes need a few finishes and additions. Rice paper or sugar, gold or silver, hearts or flowers, colours of the rainbow and more... Browse our wide selection of cake design accessories and cake decorations.

Equipment: In commercial kitchens and bakeries, specific appliances and tools such as airbrushes and spray booths will facilitate your cake decorating operations on a more intensive scale. You will also find seasonal items such as King cake trinkets and crowns to celebrate Twelfth Night or decorations for birthday cakes.

Electricals: Whether you want to prepare a meringue, knead bread dough or make crumble pastry, the classic stand mixer is an essential tool for anyone - professional pastry chefs and home bakers alike! Find a selection of appliances that will make your life in the kitchen so much easier.

Bakeware: Bakeware items are the core staples of any baker's kitchen: baking sheets, cooling racks, silicone mats or baking beans... you simply cannot bake without them! Aluminium or stainless steel with a non-stick or perforated finish, browse our large bakeware range. Professional quality guaranteed!

Ingredients: From pantry basics like almond flour for macarons, to artisanal nut and praline pastes and through to professional additives for ice cream and whipped cream, has selected the finest ingredients and professional brands to enhance your desserts and sweet creations.

Baking cookbooks: Pastry recipe books are not only full of precious tips and techniques by internationally renowned pastry chefs, they also feature beautiful, mouth-watering photographs. From classic desserts to modern trends in pâtisserie, browse our marvelous selection of pastry cookbooks.