Cebo Ham 30 Months
50% Iberico

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Cebo Ham 30 Months - 50% Iberico - 100g - Montesano
Cebo Ham 30 Months - 50% Iberico - 100g - Montesano
Cebo Ham 30 Months - 50% Iberico - 100g - Montesano
Cebo Ham 30 Months - 50% Iberico - 100g - Montesano
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Montesano's Jamón de Cebo 50% encapsulates the intersection of masterful craftsmanship and rich Spanish heritage. This charcuterie gem owes its impeccable quality to the union of Montesano's seasoned expertise and the singular flavor profile of the Iberian Cebo ham, sourced from pigs meticulously raised in Spain.
The term 'cebo' underscores the distinct diet of the Iberian pigs - primarily cereals and vegetables, as they're reared in semi-extensive conditions. While these pigs do not forage on the acorns, or 'bellotas', that are so integral to other Iberian ham variants, their meat is undeniably delectable and holds the characteristic nuances of Iberian ham.
The 50% specification underscores the authenticity of the ham, marking the pigs' half-Iberian lineage. Montesano's commitment to excellence is evident in every slice. Their adherence to stringent Spanish standards for rearing cebo Iberian ham, combined with a rigorous maturation and curing process, ensures each slice is tender, flavorful, and truly exquisite.
Montesano's Jamón de Cebo 50% is more than just ham; it's an authentic culinary journey offering both unmatched flavor and excellent value.

  • Ingredients: Iberian pork ham, salt, and preservatives E-250 and E-252.
  • Best consumed within: 12 months from packaging.
  • Maturation Duration: 30 months.
  • Weight: 100 g.
  • Packaging: Vacuum-sealed slices.
  • Pork sourced from: Extremadura, Spain.
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Nutritional analysis per 100 g :
Energy value: 1256 kj / 300 kCal
Fat content: 19 g
Of which saturated fatty acids: 6 g
Carbohydrates: 0 g
Of which sugars: 0 g
Protein: 32 g
Salt: 2.78 g
Allergens: lactose

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