Non-Stick Tossing Pan - AMT Gastroguss
Ø 24cm
AMT Gastroguss

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Non-Stick Tossing Pan - AMT Gastroguss - Ø 24cm - AMT Gastroguss
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A range of cookware that lives up to its reputation!
Designed and developped by AMT in association with Germany's national culinary team, this non-stick tossing pan is compatible with induction hobs.
The pan is hard wearing and long lasting, thanks to the 5-layer design: a thick aluminium thermal base, a resistant titanium oxide layer, an anti-corrosion protective layer, a tough ceramic layer and a non-stick coating... adding up to create a high quality 10mm thick bottom.

All AMT cookware items undergo strict quality controls and continuous testing. This non-stick pan shows an optimal resistance and a remarkable lifespan. The thick thermal base ensures a quick, even heat distribution and the non-stick coating doesn't require greasing, which means energy efficiency and healthy cooking!

This tossing pan is compatible with all hobs and is dishwasher safe.

  • Diameter: 24cm
  • Height: 4cm
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Matetrial: Non-stick, aluminium and ceramic
  • Care: Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Brand: AMT Gastroguss
  • Manufactured in Germany

Sold separately:
Glass lid Ø 24cm, AMT Gastroguss

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Use and care recommendations:
Before using your cookware for the first time, rinse thoroughly with warm water and mild detergent. Wipe it dry and rub the inner surface of your cookware with edible oil such as rape seed or sunflower oil.
Always add oil prior to heating up the pan. Preheat at maximum heat for about 2 minutes before adding ingredients, then reduce the temperature as AMT cookware will store heat for a significant amount of time.
Avoid using sharp-edged metal utensils or cutting straight onto the surface. To avoid scratching the ceramic surface of your cooktop, do not shuffle the pan when changing spools but lift it instead.
Rinse your cookware with warm water and mild detergent. There is no need to scrub!

Does not catch on fire, does not stick, easy to use and healthy cooking of ingredients, these few words help to explain why AMT Gastroguss are so appreciated.

5 layers for the perfect combination between resistance, quality and innovation.

The radiating surface is pre-treated so the following layer sticks perfectly. The titanium layer is super resistant and doubled with an anti corrosion protective layer withstanding agressive detergents, fruit and acetic acids. The ceramic particle reinforced coating ensures a longer lifespan of your cookware. The Lotan® non-stick coating prevents ingredients from sticking to the pan.

Lotan® Technology

AMT Gastroguss has selected the revolutionary Lotan® non-stick coating for its ease of use, perfect hygiene and non-stick properties. The unique Lotan® technology allows you to reduce water consumption, get greak cooking results and increase the lifespan of your cookware.

Quality by AMT Gastroguss

The range of AMT Gastroguss cookware is praised worldwide for its great quality, sturdiness and reliability. AMT products are really the ideal choice for all types of cooking.
The brand is committed to delivering optimal efficiency while focusing on respect for the environment and produces innovative energy saving kitchen utensils.

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