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In this section, you will love to hunt for gourmet ingredients, pastry and food flavours, world spices, rare finds and exclusive products.
In collaboration with a spice expert, has selected the finest ingredients and intense flavours - sweet or savoury - to turn your recipes into unique creations!

Welcome to the pantry of! Take a walk around our shelves and browse our selection of professional quality ingredients and flavourings.

Unleash your creativity with our great finds and try as many ingredient combinations as you like... Possibilities are endless!

SWEET INGREDIENTS: The finest quality fruit purées for your mousse preparations, chopped pistachios for a delicious crunchy effect or a pure hazelnut paste for the most indulgent dessert. Nuts, vanilla, tonka beans, praline, fruit paste... everything you need to sublime your sweet recipes!

FOOD FLAVOURINGS: Whether you're looking for natural or artificial flavourings to flavour cakes and biscuits or savoury recipes, has one of the largest selections available online.

SAVOURY INGREDIENTS: Spice up your recipes with our selection of exclusive salts, peppers, spices, herbs and condiments. Why not add a pinch of Espelette pepper, our favourite spice from the Basque country?!

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