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You eat with your eyes first! We know that our enjoyment of food is about more that how it tastes.
The difference between eating and dining is all in the table setting... Use elegant plates, cutlery and glasses to turn a shared meal into a special event.

In collaboration with Matfer, selected the essential pieces you need for the perfect table setting. Beautiful design, professional quality and exceptional lifespan.

Browse through our wide range of tableware and accessories: plates, glasses, cutlery, wine tools and entertaining equipment.

How to set the perfect dinner table?

1. The plate goes in the centre
2. Place the napkin in the centre of the plate
3. Place the main meal fork on the left side of the dinner, and the salad fork to the left of the main fork
4. Place the water and wine glasses at the top of the plate
5. The dinner knife, dessert spoon and dinner spoon go to the right side of the plate
Bon appétit!

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