Extra fine icing sugar
special pastry
1 kg

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Extra fine icing sugar - special pastry - 1 kg - Unipatis
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Made in France

Icing sugar is pure icing sugar with added potato or corn starch, which acts as an anti-caking agent.

It is used in all sectors requiring finely ground sugar: confectionery, marrons glacés, chocolate breakfast powders, cream powders, and all powdered mixtures in general.

  • Ingredients: Icing sugar, 3% potato starch.
  • Net weight: 1 kg
More info

What are the differences between granulated sugar, powdered sugar and icing sugar?

It is a question of grain size.
Crystallized sugar is the sugar collected in the turbines after the syrup crystallization and vacuum concentration processes.
Powdered sugar, or caster sugar, is obtained by grinding and sifting granulated sugar. This is also the case with icing sugar, but it is ground more finely than caster sugar.
The uses of these sugars also differ. Caster sugar is the most common sugar in our kitchens and its uses are as numerous as they are varied. Granulated sugar is mainly used to coat fruit jellies, to macerate fruit in syrup, to punch sponge cakes or rum babas, to keep egg whites and meringues stiff, and to lower the freezing point of ice cream and sorbets.
Icing sugar is particularly useful for no-bake preparations such as whipped cream or mousses. Icing sugar is also a sugar for cakes, provided that the surface is dry (otherwise the sugar is absorbed by the cake and disappears).
It is also the sugar used in frostings. Melt it in water, kirsch, coffee, fruit juice or liqueur until it is smooth and not too liquid, add food colouring if necessary, and decorate your birthday cakes.
For royal frosting or white icing, replace the liquid with an egg white and a little lemon. You can write on a cake with this mixture, using a piping bag and taking care that the batter is thick enough.

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