Confectionery Confectionery

Relive all the sweet moments of your childhood with lollipops, jelly beans, liquorice, candied fruit, nougat and many more sweet treats. Confectionery or candy making is the art of cooking and shaping sugar to create delicious timeless sweets and lollies.
Hard or soft, sweet or sour, suck or chew... confectionery treats come in all shapes and colours.

UTENSILS: Sugar art is extremely technical and you need professional quality tools to ensure you get the best results for cooking sugar, preparing syrups or creating original shapes.

EQUIPMENT: Professional equipment for commercial laboraties to create spun sugar, pulled sugar, bubble sugar, etc. Browse our large selection of sugar work equipment on

ELECTRICALS: Sugar work is a delicate process and you will need a heating lamp to ensure the best possible conditions.

INGREDIENTS: Find a large selection of additives and ingredients for confectionery and sugar work on

CONFECTIONERY COOKBOOKS: Follow step-by-step methods and get helpful tips from confectionary masters in our selection of cookbooks and guides.