Professional quality kitchen utensils and equipment

Stainless Steel Tart Ring Ø 8cm x H 2cmStainless Steel Tart Ring Ø 8cm x H 2cm

Professional quality tart ring, manufactured in France!

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Silpat® Baking Mat 40 x 30cmSilpat® Baking Mat 40 x 30cm

Non-stick baking mat, ideal for cooking pastry and confectionery preparations. No greasing required!

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Apples and Pears, Oh My!Apples and Pears, Oh My!

The air is getting cooler and summer is slowly fading away. But let's rejoice, apples and pears are back!

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Serving Fry Basket 13 x 10 x 7cmServing Fry Basket 13 x 10 x 7cm 11.90 Euro / 9.31 GBP
Oblate Edible Large Sheets (x 100)Oblate Edible Large Sheets (x 100) 72.30 Euro / 56.57 GBP
Nougasec 150 gNougasec 150 g 10.90 Euro / 8.53 GBP
E334 Tartaric Acid - 150 gE334 Tartaric Acid - 150 g 19.90 Euro / 15.57 GBP
6 Macaron Box with Handle6 Macaron Box with Handle 2.90 Euro / 2.27 GBP
Oblate Edible Square Sheets (x 200)Oblate Edible Square Sheets (x 200) 9.40 Euro / 7.35 GBP
Espira plate Ø 31,9 cmEspira plate Ø 31,9 cm 20.40 Euro / 15.96 GBP
Sugar Lace Powder 300gSugar Lace Powder 300g 20.00 Euro / 15.65 GBP